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Harnessing human expertise, AI, and big data, we help pharmaceutical companies, innovators, service providers, and investors discover and execute latent opportunities.


An Innovative Consulting Firm in Life Sciences & Biopharmaceuticals

Founded in 2017, Tulevik Consulting is a global team of professionals whose passion for science and innovation supports and spearheads successful transactions. Named Tulevik, from the Estonian word for future, we help our clients stay ahead of emerging opportunities.

Looking To The Future

At Tulevik, we discover, analyze, and implement business initiatives often overlooked. We use human intelligence (“HI”) supported by artificial intelligence (“AI”) and extensive data analysis to act not only as service providers but as true partners.

Our over 40 years of combined industry experience and network of partners help us to oversee acquisitions and divestment opportunities, contract outsourcing, valuations, and product portfolio management from search and evaluation to pre-transaction and transaction support.

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Our Focus

Uncovering Opportunities In Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medtech & Consumer Health



Search & Evaluation Advisory

Tulevik has extensive experience guiding and supporting international clinical and commercial-stage licensing transactions, product and product portfolio sales, and acquisitions. With our deep industry knowledge and strong relationships, we act as an intermediary to execute transactions seamlessly, protect clients’ interests, and balance growth potential with business risk.

Life Sciences Transaction Services

Tulevik specializes in niche acquisitions and divestments, from transaction preparation and carve-outs to executing company and plant deals to providing valuation and benchmarking services. With our vast experience in the biopharma and life sciences industries, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs.

Service Provider Selection

We provide comprehensive evaluations of service providers to clients of all sizes, taking into account their developmental phase, budget, availability, and the inherent quality and technical abilities of the CDMO. Our extensive knowledge and insight of the growing number of CDMOs comes from our involvement in M&A processes, site visits, and ongoing engagement with CDMOs. This not only enhances our understanding of specialized sites but also helps us stay ahead in the dynamic biopharmaceutical landscape.

Founder & Business Services

Tulevik provides data-driven consulting, capability building, and industry relationships to early-stage and start-up innovators and their investors, helping them accelerate growth. We are hired for special projects such as introductions, outsourced business development, marketing strategy, investor and capital raise preparation, and marketing materials. Whether you need an extension to your team or representative services, Tulevik is an ideal partner for your venture.

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